KUTC 2022 - last preparations

By admin, 8 October, 2022

We now stand at 17 participants for this year’s KUTC. Time to get the last preparations in order!

The weather forecast looks decent right now: Little precipitation from Wednesday throughout Saturday. Still, the terrain is very wet, and we must expect quite wet and muddy conditions. Temperatures around 8-10 degrees Celsius (5-8 at the top). Not much wind. In short, we may see some of the best weather ever for the Challenge!

We will serve some soup at base camp, as well as provide hot water, lemonade etc. Remember however that food and drink is the runners own responsibility, so take whatever is provided as a bonus only.

Registration opens at 9, and the race starts at 10. Please make sure you have ample time to pick up your start number/tag, and get the last info from the race manager (approximately 15 minutes before start) and get your own base camp in order before start. Race manual is available here (in English). 

I remind the participants that you are allowed to change your race distance before the race starts, but not after.