Prioritized development tasks for


# Short description Pri Comments Status
1 Race pages for KrUltra races 1 KrUltraRace = event organized by KrUltra In progress
2 Race pages for KUTC 2 Replace old pages Planned
3 Race pages for Malvikingen Opp 2 Replace old pages Planned
4 Redirect DNS for 1 Switch default from old to new web site In progress
5 Create blog page 2   planned
6 Migrate content from old site 1 Stop using old site so the uses don't have to switch between the two in progress
7 Translate content (norwegian/english) 3 New site is bi-lingual continuous
8 Authenticated users 3 Strategy for users and user roles. Possibly co-creators etc. under consideration
9 Discussion forum 4 Will it be used?  under consideration
10 Live results from KrUltra CR 2 In place before KBUTC 2022 :-) in progress
11 Add CAPTCHA to user registration form 2   done
SCRUM process