Welcome to the KrUltra web site!

KrUltra is short for 'Kruke's Ultra', and serves two main purposes:

  1. Organizing and promoting ultra running events
  2. To help register and report on running events on behalf of other race organizers (Trace de Trail, ITRA, UTMB, NFIF, Kondis etc.)

Main focus is on ultra trail running in Norway, and mid Norway in particular.

The main event organized by KrUltra is Kruke's Backyard Ultra-Trail Challenge (KBUTC). 

Recent and upcoming events

Follow the KBUTC 2019 live!


This year we will try to make the standings available for followers on the internet! Click here for Live standings and results

KBUTC 2019 fully booked


The startlist now contains 24 names, and further registration has been closed for the 2019 edition of the KBUTC. 

Five nations...! and counting?


18 participants are now on the startlist for the 2019 KBUTC, and would you believe it: they represent five different countries! With our two last entries we add Portugal and France to the list of Netherlands, Sweden and Norway. There is still time to fill up the last 6 spots, and maybe add even more international flavour to this years edition!

The main reason that KBUTC is profiled and marketed in English, is to open up the race to foreign runners who has relocated to, or has other business in, this region of Norway. I really want to keep the environmental impact at a minimum, so long distance travel just to participate in the KBUTC is not encouraged. However, no such long distance travel required for this years foreign participants. It will be a true joy to welcome you all to my backyard in just over six weeks! laughing

Moon Valley Run Festival success!


The Moon Valley Run Festival took place on the 10th of August, and was a huge success. The participation was fairly thin - around 50 all in all - but I'm sure there will be more in years to come. Race reports can be found on Kondis (www.kondis.no). 

Ultra Trail Running


Ultra Trail Running is a pretty new sport that is still in rapid development. I feel a need to sort out some terms and keep track on how the sport is organized both in Norway and internationally. I have created a menu item for Ultra Trail Running where I adress these and related matters. So far it is mainly in Norwegian, but I will probably convert to English as I don't have the resources to maintain a bi-lingual site. 

Latest updates on MVRF


I have spent the last few days in Romsdal, and got to talk to the organizers of the Moon Valley Run Festival (MVRF). This is going to be a spectacular experience! I really hope the trail running community picks up on the news in time to mobilize a sizeable group of participants for the inaugural year. 

KrUltra has helped to register the 17 Lakes Run with ITRA, and the approval came with the following comment: "This race looks sooooooo nice :=)"

(Registration is open: https://www.moonvalleyrunfestival.com

Moon Valley Run Festival

A huge shout out to Måndalen Idrettslag who is launching a new running festival extending the established fell race Klauva Opp with two trail runs, including a +55 km ultra trail run named "Moon Valley 17 Lakes Rim". Kilian Jornet and Emelie Forsberg are ambassadors for the festival. The two ultra running superstars have been living in Måndalen ("Moon Valley") for some years now, and this is truly their own backyard now. 

The festival is planned for 10th-11th of August 2019. Check out their home page, and subscribe to their newsletter if you consider going. I am!

KBUTC 2019

Preparations are well on their way for the 2019 edition of KBUTC, scheduled to take place on the 19th of October and continuing into the 20th for those who persist! Applications are ticking in, and the startlist is now half full.

MMC 2019

Meråker Mountain Challenge (MMC) hosted the Norwegian ultra trail championships of 2018. The event saw a new course record and record participation. Hope to see you at the 2019 edition!

Malvikingen Opp

Malvikingen Opp, 9th edition, is now history. In 2020 we will celebrate our 10th edition, and we are looking for a date that doesn't collide with big events like Holmenkollstafetten. We are currently looking at 2nd or 3rd of May. Hope to see you then!

Last Man Standing
Østmarka Backyard Ultra

First edition of Last Man Standing - Østmarka Backyard Ultra took place 23.-24. March. See our videos from our 'sister' event!

KBUTC 2018

See results and read about KBUTC's first year