KUTC 2022 

The 2022 edition of Kruke's Ultra-Trail Challenge is scheduled for Saturday 15th of October. 

Malvikingen Opp 2022 

I 2022 håper vi å introdusere alders- og kjønnsgradert resultatservice for Malvikingen Opp. Dette gjør det mulig for de som konkurrerer på tid å konkurrere på tvers av alder og kjønn. Kanskje ønsker barnebarnet å utfordre bestemor? 

Konseptet med alders- og kjønnsgraderte resultater er diskutert i et eget blogginnlegg - les det for å få mer bakgrunnsinformasjon! Hovedpoenget er at vi utjevner de naturlige forskjellene som skyldes alder og kjønn, og så ser vi hvem som får det beste resultatet justert for disse faktorene. 

Selvsagt vil det også være konkurranse om å komme først opp til Solemsvåttan - både for kvinner og menn. Og det vil også bli trimklasse - med eller uten natursti med spørrekonkurranse :-)

Sett av datoen: Søndag 8. mai 2022.

2021-utgaven av Malvikingen Opp måtte gjennomføres i 'spredt uorden'. Løypa kunne gjennomføres når som helst innen utgangen av mai, og 34 deltakere ble registrert.

Løpets hjemmeside

MMC 2022 

I don't have the date yet, but based on previous years the Meråker Mountain Challenge will take place on Saturday 30th of July 2022.

                                                • Start list (not yet)

MVRF 2022


I tillegg til å informere om ulike løp så vil enkelte blogginnlegg knyttet til løping og arrangering av løp legges ut på KrUltra-sidene. Sjekk ut innholdsfortegnelse på Krultra-bloggen.


Malviking Opp (etter)registrering

Påmeldingen til Malvikingen Opp skjer ordinært via friidrett.no sin påmeldingsløsning fram til klokka 12 fredag 20. mai. Men det går helt fint med etterregistrering/påmelding helt fram til klokka 11:30 på løpsdagen lørdag. For at etterregistrering skal skje smidig må følgende skjema fylles ut:

Etteranmeldinger, Malvikingen Opp 2022

For de som bruker denne påmeldingsløsningen er det kun Vipps eller kontant betaling med eksakt riktig beløp som gjelder. Prisen for deltakelse i turklassen er uendret (50,- kroner), mens trim (150,-) og konkurranseklassene (250,-) har et lite tillegg  som også dekker eventuell lisens til friidrettsforbundet. Dette er da uavhengig av om man har årslisens eller ikke. 


KBUTC has removed 'backyard' from its name and hence forth will be called the "Kruke's Ultra-Trail Challenge", or KUTC for short. Short story is that 'backyard' events are now a well defined type of competition - and it is somewhat different from the KUTC concept. On top of that, ITRA was hesitant to give ITRA points to an event with 'backyard' in its name. 

To set the KUTC more firmly apart from bakcyard events, as from 2022 the participants have to choose their fixed length course distance up front. Earlier editions allowed this to be a delayed decision based on the final number of loops the runners completed. This meant no participants who completed the minimum number of loops (4) would get a DNF on any of the results lists. 

In the 2022 registration form (registration now open!), the runners must choose one of the following number of loops: 4, 8, 12, 16, 20 or 25. Only very able (or optimistic) runners should choose anything more than 12. Most stop at 8. But hey, it's a free world, and I really hope someone soon will be the first to finish 16 loops :)

One thing has not changed however: All runners compete in the ultimate challenge: To be the runner with most completed loops. This is the main event winner. Are you up to the challenge? cool

New krultra.no web site

A new web site for krultra.no is in the coming. Ambitions are high, but as we all know - even the longest ultras have to start with putting one foot in front of the other. We have our eyes on a bi-lingual (norwegian/english) site with many new features. Check out our 'wish list', and try it out: The alpha version is available here for those who want a sneak peak!  

KBUTC 2021 is history

A record 22 runners showed up for the 4th edition of KBUTC. Weather was tough, but the runners were tougher! Congratulations to Tiago Carneiro who bagged his first win in three attempts with no less than 10 loops! Check out all the results, pics and videos!

Time for taper... 

KBUTC is only nine days away, and it's time to taper. 25 participants are still 'in the game', and we may see a record number at the start on Saturday the 16th. Forecast is typical for the season - windy, wet and falling temperatures. Just what we ordered, right? :-) 

KBUTC-21 registration closed 

Registration for this year's KBUTC is now closed. We have 30 registered. Four have already dropped out, so now the big question is: How many will be at the starting line on the big day? 

Who takes the last spot?!

Registration for this year's KBUTC is about to close. Only one spot left.. who is up for the challenge?! 

KBUTC closing in

We are closing in on the registration limit for KBUTC. And we are closing in on this years event. Only just over six more weeks left to tune both physical and mental abilities to be ready for the challenge! 

In the meantime there are lots of races that can be used as preparation. Romeriksåsen på langs (4.9), Ultrabirken (4.9) og Molde 7 Topper Ultra (11.9) to name a few. Molde is national championship for trail ultra this year.

We should also mention 24 hours in Hell (11.9), with a very strong start field and big expectations for great results!

Ultra super-weekend

Last weekend had a lot of ultra-trail action in Norway. In Siggerud, the Østmarka Backyard lasted for 49 hours until they had a 'Last Man Standing' - shoutout to Luca Ronconi and Jon Asphjell who both earned a ticked to Big Dog's in October.

In Rondane, the "Rondane 100" participants had some really nasty weather with rain, wind and temperatures just above freezing. Lot's of DNFs, and lot's of cudos to all who gave it their best!

Myself, I was in Måndalen and ran the Moon Valley 17 Lakes. Only eight people at the start line, and six finishers. Some more in the 7 Lakes, but surly the event deserves more participation. Rain and wet, but almost no wind and fairly low (but ok) temperatures made it a bit of a struggle, but not too bad. I certainly had a great time!

We now enter the late summer slash autumn season with still many events in the race calendar. I'm looking forward to the national championships in Molde 11th of September. And then the big finale - KBUTC - is coming closer as well. With Jon Asphjell going to Big Dog's, and another participant out with injury, we are now down to 23 who have signed up.  

Blog: Environmental sustainability

I have now tidied up the main menu of KrUltra.no and collected all races on a separate page - see Races in the menu. The blog part has also been organized in a separate section - see Blog in the menu.

A new blog entry has been added, and this is on the topic of environmental sustainability and trail running. Check it out!  Here is an excerpt from the ingress: 

"... my wife has started advocating that I should refrain from future race T-shirts. Her main objection is that T-shirts are harmful to the environment. And how many T-shirts do I really need anyway?" 

MVRF registration open

The Moon Valley Run Festival (MVRF, August 14-15) is now open for registration:

MMC, MVRF and KBUTC updates


Meråker Mountain Challenge (MMC, July 30) is shaping up, with 41 participants registered so far. The distribution between 21 km, 42 km and 65 km distances is aproximately 50/25/25, with 11 registered for the ultra distance. 

The Moon Valley Run Festival (MVRF, August 14-15) has still not opened for registration, but I have information that it will soon. Rumors are that Kilian will participate this year as well, so this will be a chance to measure your level against the absolute world elite (and experiencing some of the most beautiful parts of Norway at the same time). 

KBUTC now has 25 registrations, two pending. We will continue to take on four more before registration is closed. The start list shows many returning participants, but also ten newcomers. 

Report from SX Femunden (++)


I have had the pleasure to participate in two recent ultra running events. First, the inaugural Hell Backyard on June 19th, which was a huge success. Hell Ultraløperklubb keeps strengthening it's presence on the norwegian ultra running scene. "24 hours in Hell" is coming up, and the KBUTC in Octobre is also under the clubs umbrella. And the club is pregnant with several other ultra (trail) running ideas. Keep posted!

My most recent ultra running experience is however Salomon Xreid Femunden. The event took place on the 25th-26th, one year delayed due to the pandemic. The race is well described by Kondis. The winner time of 12:31 by Morten Antonsen, only 20 years old (!), is pretty impressive.

This year's course was 'only' 110 km with around 2800 meters of ascent. However, much of the trail was very stony and technical, and the average finisher time was close to 21 hours. As usual the nature was stunning, the community very supportive and inclusive as always, and the weather as good as perfect. I had a great time, made new friends, and also made a good result (13th place, 17:02). 

Driving home from Røros, I listned to the latest podcast 'I det lange løp'. Huge shoutout to Mona Kjeldsberg and Simen Holvik, who made appearances on the podcast. We will follow both Oslo Bergen Trail and Simen Holvig's Norge på langs project closely the following days and weeks. 

Registration reminders


KrUltra's signature race - Kruke's Backyard Ultra-Trail Challenge (KBUTC) - now has 20 registrations, and we are closing in on the limit of 25 participants. 

We also want to remind you about our 'partners in crime':

Meråker Mountain Challenge, 31st of July (65k, 42k, 21k + miniton): Open for registration.

Moon Valley Run Festival, 14th (vertical) and 15th of August (7 & 17 lakes): Registration opens soon.

Norway opens up - ultras are on!


With the recent news from the Norwegian government, we may have seen the last of COV19-related race cancelations. According to the ultra race overview from Kondis, Hornindal Rundt is the only planned, future event that is canceled. We hope all the rest now can stay in the green!   

Hell Backyard went down last Saturday, with Jon Asphjell establishing himself as the new backyard king. If I'm not wrong, this was his 4th backyard win if we count the virtual Østmarka Backyard in addition to two KBUTCs and this latest addition. Jon's stated goal this season is to qualify for Big's by winning Østmarka Backyard (14th of August). 

Salomon Xreid Femunden is going as planned this week, with start on Friday noon at Elgå, and the finish line in Røros awaiting the participants some 10-20 or even 30 hours later. 

Race season is here - for real!


We are still affected by the corona pandemic, but at least we are able to organize sports events again. The SMVE, with it's adaptations due to local pandemic regulations, was a success. As was the newcomer 'Nøsen hundreds' last week. Lofoten UltraTrail went down last week, with only norwegian participants this time. The national ultra-trail championship in Molde had to postpone until september, but most races scheduled from mid June and onwards are good to go. Hell Backyard this weekend, Xreid next week and so on. Good luck to everyone. Looking forward to see you soon - it will be great to meet again!

ITRA and UTMB...


The International Trail Running Association - ITRA - has updated their web site. Not without challenges. The downtime was several days, and the result is not an obvious improvement. Sadly, the conversion from old to new seems to have introduced many errors. Check your runner profile, results files etc. If you are a race organizer (like KrUltra), you should also check your events for errors. I have found several, and haven't been able to correct them yet. 

In the meantime, UTMB has - finally - approved the applications from KrUltra for this years events. This means that both MMC, MVRF and KBUTC now have their races approved as UTMB qualifiers as follows:

  • Meråker Mountain Challenge, Ultra: 3 points
  • Moon Valley Run Festival, 7 lakes: 2 points
  • Moon Valley Run Festival, 17 lakes: 3 points
  • Kruke's Backyard Ultra-Trail Challenge
    •    4 loops: 1 point (approved)
    •    8 loops: 2 points (pending)
    •    12 loops: 3 points (approved)
    •    16 loops: 4 points (pending)
    •    20 loops: 5 points (pending)
    •    25 loops: 6 points (pending)

KBUTC update


ITRA has adjusted their score for KBUTC, and we now need 8 loops to gain 2 points. Web site and race manual has been updated to reflect this.

We now have 18 registered participants for the 2021 event. Startlist.

Summer-time is running-time!


May is coming to an end, and summer is here. Warm winds, bright sun and dry tracks awaits!

Many take the opportunity to complete this year's virtual Malvikingen Opp. We count 17 finishers so far, and expect a few more as the weather forecast promises perfect conditions for the last-chance-weekend that is coming up.

We also have 17 brave people registered for the KBUTC. With only 8 vacant spots, those who are sitting on the fence should consider coming down before it's too late! 

KBUTC 2021 half full


Half empty or half full? No matter how you see it, half of the available places for this years KBUTC have been reserved. Many familiar names on the startlist. We LOVE return customers cool

We are also happy to present this year's motto: 

KBUTC 2021 open for registration


As from now, the registration for KBUTC 2021 is open. Please check out the race's home page for more information and links!

Please also note the date for the 2021 event: 16th of October (not 23rd)!

Malvikingen Opp 2021 


Vi ser oss dessverre nødt til å kansellere Malvikingen Opp for andre gang på rad på grunn av korona-pandemien. Det blir for usikkert med gjennomføring tidlig i mai, og vi satser i stedet på en åpen variant som i fjor. Det vil si at de som gjennomfører løypa, med dokumentert bevis, i løpet av mai vil få registrert godkjent gjennomføring på adelskalenderen for Malvikingn Opp. Mer informasjon på løpets hjemmeside og facebookside.  

Jon Asphjell wins again! 


Weather and trail conditions were challenging, but Jon Asphjell returned to defend his victory from last year - with success! He finished 12 loops, while the runner up, Kentaro Indo, quit after 11. 

Check in on the KBUTC page, where you will also find link to the race results for 2020 and an updated Hall of Fame

KBUTC 2020 - ready to rumble! 


Last details are coming in order, and we are very excited to welcome 20+ participants to this years edition of Kruke's Backyard on Saturday 17th!

We are working to provide live results this year as well, and link will be provided on race day. We try to add some new improvements each and every year. Still, we follow the KISS principle - keeping it stupid simple - whenever we can, so don't expect too much luxury!  

Our KBUTC home page links to the updated list of participants, and you will also find a brand new "Hall of fame" as well as a collection of DNS'ers 'laying flat'. Check it out!

This year's motto is "Marching On Together" - appropriate for a very special pandemic-ridden year (as well as paying tribute to my fav English football team, Leeds United, finally back in the top league again!)  

Steady growth for MVRF 


The second Moon Valley Run Festival (MVRF) went down this weekend and was a great success. The ultra distance - 17 Lakes - had 15 finishers, and Kilian Jornet was of course the winner with a solid course record just below 8 hours.

The weather was great for running, with nice temperature, good visibility and only gentle and sporadic showers. The course is at times very technical, going up and down to cross steep ridges between the lakes of Måndalen. Wet surfaces, tricky boulders and off-track sections with only gps navigation takes down the speed considerably. The views are spectacular and the organizers do a splendid jobb at 17 checkpoints and three food stations. 

Next year's event will take place on the 14th-15th of August, and I predict a solid growth in participation - at least if the pandemic is under control at that time. Congratulations to the organizers and all participants at both the vertical, 7 lakes and 17 lakes runs!

KBUTC 2020 - registration closed 


Despite minimal PR and advertisements, registration for the 2020 KBUTC is now closed because we have reached the limit of participation - including a generous no-show buffer. The KBUTC startlist shows 32 names, including familiar ones like defending champion Jon Asphjell and local heroes Sindre Johannessen and Geir Jakobsen. We are also happy to welcome quite a few newcomers. Do they know what awaits? I wonder... :-) 

KBUTC environmental footprint 


As the KBUTC startlist keeps filling up with participants from all over the world - 21 runners from eight nations so far - the question is how this is possible with both corona travel restrictions and the race's aim to keep a low environmental footprint? As it happens, all participants are traveling by car, local public transport or even on bike or by walking from their nearby homes. Many foreign runners live in Norway, and most of our participants work or study in the Trondheim area. 

Off to a good start


The 2020 KBUTC registration of applications has had a good start. A total of 18 have already been cleared for the competition. We see many familiar names from the previous years, but also some newcomers. The startlist is updated and available.

KBUTC 2020 - registration open


The 2020 KBUTC is now open for registration of applications! 

Malvikingen Opp 2020


The 2020 edition of Malvikingen Opp has been cancelled due to corona.
Or has it?

The organizers has launched a new challenge; those who complete the race course any time between now and the 10th of May will be recognized as valid 2020 participants on the race's all-time list. This would count towards reaching the various Malvikingen Opp shields. Some may even reach the silver level this year by completing all 10 events since the inaugural 2011 edition. Others may reach for the bronze level, wich requires 5 participations. 

More info on the web site (link in the menu above) and on facebook.  


Looking for older news and reports? Check the history